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I wanted a Cyvasse game that would not contradict anything GRRM wrote and at the same time remain easy and quick to learn. after many many iterations i ended up making a Chess Mod… why?

well its far easier and accessible to mod a chess board and pieces and GRRM mentioned many times that Cyvasse is the Chess of the world of Ice and Fire.

Over view : if you are familiar with Chess this game will be extremely easy to pick up.

the game is played on a chess board divided into two areas (4×8) each is the home area of each player.

you have 14 pieces that move just like chess pieces HOWEVER are hindered by terrain.

there are three types of terrain tiles : Mountain , Water and Forest.

Players begin by setting up their pieces and tiles on their side of the board behind a screen and then remove the screen to begin the game!

player with the king closets to the middle starts , if both are the same then (D), then T, C, LL, HH . if still a tie then flip a coin!


2 x rabble (R) (moves and captures like a pawn) (one limitation is that Rabble can’t kill a dragon)

2 x spear-men (SM) (moves and captures like a King)

2 x crossbowmen (CBM) (moves and captures like a King )

1 x catapult (C) (moves and captures like a bishop)

1 x Trebuchet (T)  (moves and captures like a bishop) 

1 x Light Horse (LH) (moves and captures like a knight)

1 x Heavy Horse (HH) (moves and captures like a knight)

2 x elephants (E) ( moves and captures like Rook)

1 x Dragon (D) ( moves and captures like a Queen)

1x King (K) (moves and captures Like a king)



Mountain : is impassable to all units except the Dragon and Elephant , However elephants must stop when entering the Mountain Tile.


Water : is impassable to Rabble , Spear-men, Trebuchet, Heavy Horse and while a Dragon can move through the Water tile it can not Land on it.


Forest : this is a deffensive tile , it provides protection to any unit inside of it from Crossbowmen, catapult and Trebuchet. (basically “ranged” units)


one more note is that the LH and the HH can’t jump through Mountain tiles and the HH also can’t jump through Water Tiles. (they can jump over other pieces)


The below is a longer work in progress explanation….








The game of Cyvasse is a simple yet complex game played on an 8×8 checkered black and white board. Divided between two players at 4×8 each, called the home town.

Each game of Cyvasse is completely different since players change the tiles on the game and the pieces set up.

Each players has 6 tiles to place divided into 2 forest tiles , 2 mountain tiles and 2 Lake tiles, also each player has 14 pieces which are divided into 10 types.


The aim of the game is to checkmate the opponents King. Each type of Cyvasse piece has its own method of movement and Capturing .

A piece moves to a vacant square except when capturing an opponent’s piece. Except for the light horse and heavy horse. Pieces cannot jump over other pieces. A piece is captured (or taken) when an attacking enemy piece replaces it on its square. The captured piece is thereby permanently removed from the game. The king can be put in check but cannot be captured (see below).

– The King :each player has only one king and it’s the most valuable piece in the game. Protect your King at all costs! The King moves exactly one square horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and capturing any opponent piece on the tiles.(Exactly like a king in chess) The King can not move on to a mountain tile.

– The Rabble : each player has 2 pieces of Rabble, They move only straight forward one vacant tile and can only capture an opponent’s piece on one diagonal forward tile only. (Exactly like a pawn in chess). The Rabble can not move onto Mountains or Lake tiles.

– The Spearmen : each player has 2 pieces of Spearmen, much like a king, they move only one tile in any direction and can capture opponent pieces which are on that tile. The Spearmen are unable to move or capture into any Mountain or water tiles.

– The Crossbowmen : each player has 2 pieces of Crossbowmen, they move just like Spearmen, however they can move on water Tiles but not Mountain tiles, additionally the crossbowmen are ranged units which means they can’t move or capture into a forest tile which has an enemy piece on it. ( forest tiles acts like a defense against Crossbowmen , trebuchet and catapult ) if the forest tile is vacant then crossbowmen can move there.

– The Light Horse : each player has 1 piece of Light Horse, they move in an L pattern , moves to the nearest tile not on the same rank, file, or diagonal. example it moves two tiles horizontally then one tile vertically (Exactly like a knight in chess). The light Horse jumps over enemies present on tiles it doesn’t capture any enemy in its path. It only captures an enemy piece that is present on its Landing Tile(end tile) . Horse can not land on Mountains or Jump through them.

– The Heavy Horse : each player has 1 piece of Heavy Horse and they move and capture Exactly like a light horse with the added restriction of not being able to jump through water tiles as well as mountains.

– The Catapult : each player has one Catapult which is a ranged unit like a crossbowmen, meaning it can’t capture any enemy that is on a forest tile. The catapult moves and captures in a diagonal direction (Exactly like a bishop in chess) and can’t move or capture on a mountain tile.

– The Trebuchet : each player has one Trebuchet which is also a ranged Unit like crossbowmen, meaning it can’t capture any enemy that is on a forest tile. The trebuchet moves just like a catapult, However can’t move or capture over water or mountain tiles.

– The Elephant : each player has two pieces of Elephant. They move and capture either horizontally or vertically only and can’t move diagonally. Elephants can move over mountains. However when an elephant piece reaches a mountain tile it must stop on it ending its turn. An elephant must stop its movement when entering the mountain tile only! And not when leaving.

– The Dragon : each player has one piece of the Dragon! By far the strongest piece in the game, the Dragon can move in all cardinal directions , Vertically, horizontally and diagonally how many vacant tiles .  a Dragon can not be captured by the Rabble . The Dragon isn’t hindered by the mountain tiles however they can’t land on lakes!





There are four types of tiles . 1 default tile and 3 player added tiles -The Plains which are the default tiles in the game. They present no movement or capture penalties The 3 player tiles must be placed on the board before the game begins and they are as follows:

-The Mountain: each player has two of these. The tiles are impassable to all pieces except the Dragon and Hinder the elephant.

– The water Tile : each player has two of these tiles. The lake tiles are impassable to the elephant , spearmen, Trebuchet, Heavy Horse .

– The forest tiles : each player has two forest tiles , the forest tile represents a defensive position from ranged units, any unit inside the forest tile can’t be captured by crossbowmen, catapults or Trebuchets .


Start of Play:


Players put a screen to hide their starting tiles and line up. They place their tiles and cyvasse pieces after both are finished, they remove the screen . The player with the king the most in the front begins the game. If both are equidistant from the center then the Dragon is still same distance then Trebuchet, catapult, heavy horse, light horse . If still equidistant then the player that finished setup first or whom ever lost the previous round. If they can’t decide on whom then flip a coin.